What are the trendy hairstyles for summer 2017?

What are the trendy hairstyles for summer 2017?

In order to be creative and stylish this summer it is always a great idea to know what are fashionable and comfortable hairstyles to wear during hot weather. So here are some tips to follow for having a “top look” on the beach or by the pool.

The ponytail with straight parting

This is a simple and classic hairstyle that will always be in fashion and make your look to be quite elegant.


Hair curls with accessories (hair bands)

Hair bands have become pretty popular in this 3 years, and this summer of 2017 it is not an exception. In fact, many celebrities often use such an eye catching and stylish accessory, so they would always stay in trend and look stylish. Give it a try!

«Messy braids» hairstyle


This summer style hair braids will perfectly look with bikinis or beach clothes. It follows the vibe of easy living and careless lifestyle on the beach or near the pool. It gets interesting that you can put out some of the hair strands, so it would look messy but at the same time cool and playful. Great option for the hot weather!

Tied back hairstyle


This one would always be popular for every day occasion as well as suitable for the evening one. Simple to make and beautiful to look at. Amazing option for the summer look!


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