What's the best bikini bottom style for your shape?

What's the best bikini bottom style for your shape?

Bikini bottom shopping isn’t always straightforward. There are so many different types to choose from – tied, low-rise, Brazilian, scrunch-bottom, high-waisted…and it’s nearly impossible to know which one suits you best without a little expert guidance. Fortunately here at Rêve de Rive we know a thing or two about selecting the perfect bikini bottom style for your shape. Simply follow a few simple rules…

What do you want to emphasise?

Selecting the right swimwear for your body shape is all about showing off your best bits. What do you want to emphasise? Identifying the parts of yourself you want to make the most of is the first step to choosing bikini bottoms.

High-waisted: High-waisted pants are the perfect way to focus in on a tiny waist. They effortlessly accentuate your natural curves, offering support that show off your silhouette.

Brazilian: For petite yet perfectly rounded bottoms Brazilians offer fantastic shaping and sculpting style – so you can make the most of your curves.

Tie-side: If your bum is your best (and biggest) asset tie-side bottoms are perfect for you. They’re also versatile – you choose the rise, the coverage and the overall style.

Hipster: If you have an athletic build or a slim waist hipster pants are a fantastic choice as they will accentuate your curves whilst adding shape.

What do you want to minimise?

We promote body confidence – and we want everyone to feel good in our swimwear! We would love to live in a world where every woman feels they have nothing to hide – but most of us have certain areas we want to draw attention away from. Take these into account as you choose your bikini bottom style.

High-waisted: Hide a multitude of sins and achieve a perkier, peachier bum with high-waisted bikini bottoms. They firm, smooth and lift for a more svelte appearance – ideal for girls who want to wear a bikini without having to bare all.

Brazilian: Want to minimise the size of your bum? Avoid Brazilian styles with fuller bottoms and instead go for a smaller, scrunched style to add shape and definition.

Tie-side: Draw attention away from a flatter bum and achieve the appearance of curves with a tie-side bikini bottom.

Hipster: Flatten and conceal love handles and muffin tops with a hipster pant – which sits just over the hips to softly smooth over the stomach.

What’s comfortable for you?

Comfort is really important when you’re on the beach – you want to look good, but you need to feel good too! There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting bikini bottoms – whether they’re too loose and flap around when you dive in the pool, or cut in too tight as you’re trying to relax. Even when you take into account the advice above, the most crucial thing you can consider is your comfort. Try on and trial different styles to see what works best for you. Sometimes your bottom size may not match your top size – so mix and match so that your swimwear fits you perfectly.


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