RdR Outfit of the Day !

RdR Outfit of the Day !

We have created a unique outfit for a perfect sunny day for those lucky ones, who are escaping gloomy autumn relaxing on the beaches.

The main element of today’s outfit is the RdR bikini from our signature collection- Leia.

Due to the unique cut and an expressive colour, Leia would be a decoration for any lady.

We chose a long sleeveless gown made out of the light cloth to go with the fashionable bikini.


Wondering what shoes to wear for a day by the pool? Pumps are always a good idea!

A pair of comfortable and elegant beige shoes would be a flawless addition to the look of the day.

When going out, never forget about the accessories. The colourful, sparkling neckless adds charm and uniqueness to the whole outfit.


Dress like it’s summer all year long!



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