Stay Chic with Rêve de Rive!

Stay Chic with Rêve de Rive!

We aim to impress our clients not only with the quality of the materials used to produce every bikini, but with the uniqueness, individuality and innovation in the designs we create.
Here are the models of bikinis which would make any lady look inimitable, unforgettable and simply fabulous.

Freya is the definition of originality and is a signature bikini, designed and made by Rêve de Rive. The individuality is its strength. Due to the way the bikini is designed and the special way it fits the body, Freya would make a positive contribution to any body type, at the same time looking differently on each of the owners. We try to make our Swimwear as distinctive as possible, therefore we choose the brightest and the richest colors of the materials. Freya comes in two colors: Giava Green and Naviglio Blue.



Ebony is a classy bikini, which looks like a whole outfit which is easily completed with just a nice pair of shoes. The unique color suits all the skin tones and the cut makes the bikini fit all body types, at the same time highlighting the best features of the body.



We make every bikini special by always mixing classics with some alternative features. Makona is the perfect example of this mix. When creating this lively bikini, we took the the well known triangular shapes and added the unique distinctive pattern composed of several colors from our latest swimwear collection. Makona is a bright fashionable bikini that defines summer!

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