The worst swimwear advice we’ve ever heard

The worst swimwear advice we’ve ever heard

Everybody loves slipping on swimwear that makes them feel fabulous – but finding the perfect fit is often easier said than done. This is not benefited by less than helpful advice, which we often find throughout the magazines we read and televisions shows we watch. Whether you’re lying by the lake, diving in at your local outdoor pool or sunning yourself on the shore this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is how your outfit holds up – in more ways than one. Here we share some of the worst pieces of advice we’ve ever heard to change the way you think about fashion and help you feel comfortable and confident as you step out in your swimwear this season.

 If you’re overweight, you need to cover up

 Have you noticed that bigger models are often dressed in full swimsuits - not a cheeky bikini bottom or string top in sight? Sadly many women who are unhappy with their bodies avoid certain styles in an effort to cover up their ‘bad bits’. The problem with this is that the ‘perfect body’ simply doesn’t exist. What’s so terrible about a roll of fat, or cellulite? If you’re still not convinced, consider that skimpier swimwear can often have a slimming effect.

"I used to avoid cut-outs there because I have cellulite, but who cares?," gorgeous plus-size model Ashley Graham told Glamour. "Companies think that bigger girls won’t buy a string bikini because it's skimpy. I actually prefer them because they're adjustable—I have thick thighs and hips and it keeps a suit from digging in to my hips." Flaunt your ‘flaws’ and embrace your figure – you’re beautiful!


Image by Glamour/Nathaniel Goldberg:

Swimwear is uncomfortable – and that’s a fact of life

A thousand times no to this one. We can see where it comes from though…many women don’t dress for their unique shape, or feel that they must make a compromise between comfort and style when wearing swimwear. This simply isn’t true. Good quality swimwear is made using breathable, soft fabrics – designed to fit your curves perfectly without rubbing your skin or cutting in. They incorporate chest support to ease aching backs and most important are practical when swimming. Experts say the best way to test a new swimsuit is to jump right in. If it comes off, comes apart, rubs or doesn’t support you properly, it’s not a right fit for you. And you don’t have to put up with it!

One-pieces are frumpy

In contrast to the issue of beautiful plus-size models rarely being featured in string bikinis, you’ll rarely see gorgeous, younger models in full swimsuits. Their sexiness has seemingly been resigned to the eighties in fashion circles – but in reality this is utter nonsense. Many young women rock the one-piece – a universal wardrobe staple that’s versatile and beautiful. One-piece swimsuits are also practical – offering greater sun protection that’s perfect for long days spent swimming.














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