Winter blues – three tips to help you get your glow on

Winter blues – three tips to help you get your glow on

If you live in a temperate climate winter can be undeniably gloomy – and seemingly endless. It’s easy to feel down in the dumps, dull and dreary as temperatures drop – but help is at hand if you’re feeling blue. Here we share three top tips to help you channel your inner glowing goddess this winter.

Join the jet set

The best way to escape the winter blues? Actually escape them. Jump on a plane and jet off to a warm, exotic location! We love Dubai, Mexico and the Caribbean for quick and easy places to soak up some sun and recharge your batteries. Take this opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate – take along hair packs, face masks and plenty of gorgeous swimwear to ensure you’ll look and feel a million dollars.

Get your glam on

With the festive season in full swing and New Year on the horizon it’s time to get your glad rags on and prepare to party. Schedule some nights out in to let your hair down – whether you fancy chilling with your friends or a night on the town. Why not turn this into a month-long pampering session – starting with the essentials such as nails, pedicure and facials? Treat yourself to a variety of holistic treatments to nourish body and mind. Glow from within, too – because when you feel good inside, you’ll look incredible on the outside. Stock up on fresh seasonal fruit and veggies and cut back on processed, salty and fatty foods. Don’t forget to rehydrate after nights out and get plenty of rest in between each party.

Refresh and revive at a retreat

Want to go a step further? Extend your pampering routine and treat yourself to a spa day. Here in Switzerland we are blessed with some of the world’s most incredible natural spas and retreats – but you can find fantastic retreats further afield, too. Choose revitalising, nourishing treatments – think full body massages, natural steam therapy and thermal springs. Our swimwear has been made from unique, super-soft material designed to dry more quickly – the ideal choice for ultimate comfort as you lay back and relax.

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