living a more conscious year

2023, living a more conscious year…

It’s January 2023 and living consciously is the vibe. Crafting a lifestyle that is ultimately more nourishing and organic is the way forward. Slow living is drifting in as the mass production and working 24/7 is being promptly pushed out. 

We are considering our mental health, lifestyle and working values more - forgetting the days of over buying, neglecting ourselves and working without integrity. 

The basics to small introductions to how you live a more conscious lifestyle, they’re small but food for thought on developing more friendly lifestyle habits over the year to come:

Turn off the lights! With the latest energy crisis this is a no brainer, before you leave for work or go to bed - make sure you go round switching anything that can be left off, off! Your energy bill will thank you for this regardless of your eco friendly ways.

Conserve the water. In todays world it’s such an easy access for some of us but do we appreciate it as a result? And do we value how much we use? Probably not… remember to not leave the taps running when unnecessary.

Be more mindful over what you buy and throw out, opt for brands that give back to the world and go for refills when buying things like cleaning products. Think less plastic and less fast fashion. More organic and sustainable. And more Reve De Rive in your wardrobe couldn’t hurt! 

Less food wastage. For some of us this comes naturally but you’ll be surprised at how many people are throwing away food daily. Think of clever ways to store unwanted food and ultimately, if you’re cooking too much every night - simply reduce or freeze away in another container for another meal in the week.

Ultimately, buying cheaply might seem better for your bank account in the moment but in-fact we should all be considering buying quality. Things to last and buying more from companies that aren’t mass producing in factories.

If you're buying new, look for eco-friendly brands that use sustainable materials and recycle. Living more consciously is crafting a better lifestyle for yourself and those around you. You’re filling your life with a nourishing and more fulfilling sense of purpose. 

At Reve De Rive swimwear, we stand by that notion and want to provide you with swimwear that stands by your attitudes to living. After all, the word could do with a little more care and love…


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