Be Unique and Fabulous with Rêve de Rive ; Perfect accessory selection for a beach party

Be Unique and Fabulous with Rêve de Rive ; Perfect accessory selection for a beach party

Time in a beach lounge, at a pool party or just on the beach are the perfect opportunities for ladies to look uniquely fashionable and even a little extravagant. Rêve de Rive selected several body accessories that will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

Big and Colourful Earrings

Long earrings in the shape of tassels, colourful earrings made of threads or beads and metal full-ear cuffs are the definite jewellery trends of the season. Jewellery of this type will complete you look and add more freshness to it.

Body Chains

Body chains have recently become very popular. This is one of the few jewellery types that can only be worn with open pieces of clothing; they would make a great combination with swimwear. Body chains suit the concept of Rêve de Rive , as they are not meant to be worn for swimming, but will look elegant and fashionable next to the water.

Feet Bracelets

Feet bracelets are very stylish and original accessories that could be worn to a beach as well as to an open air party. This addition to your look will make your feet and your outfit look more elegant.

Golden Tattoos

These golden tattoos are perfect decorations for any skin type. They are temporary and very easy to apply. The golden tattoos will stay on your skin for up to two weeks and will make your skin glow for the rest of the vacation.


Headbands are not only fashionable accessories suitable for every season of the year, they also appear to be quite useful. While requiring some skills of properly tying the headbands, they come in handy when taking a part in the dynamic activities such as dancing, they protect hair from the sun and simply look beautiful.


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