Five surprising benefits of a high-end bikini

Five surprising benefits of a high-end bikini

When you spend more on a high-end bikini, you get better bikini, right? But what constitutes ‘better’, exactly? In today’s blog we share five key characteristics of a high-end bikini, and explain how each one enhances your experience for swimwear that’s much better value – an investment piece that will stand the test of time.


At Reve de Rive we believe that comfort and style go hand in hand. You shouldn’t have to put up with bottoms that cut into your skin, tops that wear marks under your arms and itchy, irritating fabrics. Your swimwear should mould to and move with you, soft on the skin and easy, effortless to wear.

Cheaper brands often use cheap fabrics – in turn they can itch, scrape, rub and chafe. Look for added elasticity thanks to added fibres such as Lycra, and other added technology to help you feel as good as you look in your swimwear. Our bikinis actively wick away sweat and dry quickly post-swim or spa treatment for extra comfort. 

Longevity and durability

You won’t just feelthe difference when you opt for a high-end bikini – you’ll seeit too. It’s quite simple really – usually when you pay a little more you get better quality – which has a variety of benefits attached to it. In the long-run you’ll spend less, since you’ll get more life out of your best-loved bikini. Well-made, good quality bikinis last longer. This doesn’t just mean that you can hold on to your swimwear for years on end (although it probably will last a while). It means colour fastness – so no fading or discolouration with every swim or wash. It means fewer incidents with wear and tear – no repairs needed, frayed edges, holes or stitching coming away at the seams. When you find a bikini you love you want to hold onto it for as long as possible. Opting for a well-made, slightly more expensive bikini also means it will hold its shape and style – so you won’t find that the cups have widened and the strings are less tight over time provided you follow care instructions closely. 

A clear conscience

Sadly many high street (and even some designer) bikinis are made overseas by workers paid very low wages, living and working long hours in terrible conditions. Now more consumers are choosing to move towards ethically sourced and made products. Some even ensure that their products made locally – just like we do here Reve de Rive. Our atelier is based in Geneva - fully equipped for worldwide production without exploitation. Even as a small boutique manufacturing locally in this way enables us to maintain a much higher level of quality, produce unique designs and make garments in small batches rather than massive bulk. Good news for customers and our wonderful workers, who are treated fairly and paid properly.  

Support smaller businesses for a stronger future

Many boutique bikini brands are relatively small firms run by designers and (often female) entrepreneurs with a passion for the industry and for empowering women. When you choose to support their business you in turn support their dream, helping them to create a their vision of a different kind of fashion marketplace. At Reve de Rive we are focused on beautiful swimwear that is also ethical and sustainable, made right here in Switzerland. Our founder Lauren Berteletti created Reve de Rive to occupy a niche in the market - you can learn more about our story here.

 Style and shape

Lots of bikinis look great on the model – but in reality they’re only designed to fit a very small portion of the world’s female population. You’ll often find ‘one size fits all’ – or tops and bottoms that simply don’t fit together. Women’s bodies are gloriously unique – we are all different, and swimwear collections need to account for that. At Reve de Rive we focus on versatility, ensuring each of our products are designed to fit different body shapes beautifully.







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