Start Your Summer With Us

Start Your Summer With Us


Do you ever find yourself struggling to find swim wear because its too tight here, too loose there and doesn't hug your body like it should? well, look no further we have all the answers for you to feel a luxurious splendour whilst putting on and wearing our swimwear. 

With Rêve de Rive you will never find yourself having to go to the ladies corner to fix up your attire. we have successfully accomplish a natural uplifting look and feel to our swimwear hence there will not be a  moment you feel discomfort since you will be focusing on feeling graceful with every move you make.

Not only is there satisfaction and assurance whilst wearing Rêve de Rive, Luxury is created and found in each and every swimwear created. 

Our swimwear is designed, stitched and finished by hand in order to make sure that we see out all pieces before they are sent out.

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