School is soon to be out and apart from those vacations you have planned you might be at a loss to what to do in the other time, here’s our tips to keeping them entertained…

Get creative with DIY projects

Often messy yes but is it fun? Sure is! Get searching on your favourite socials for some projects that inspire you and you know that your kids will love. If you love the activities too, even better as kids love it when mum gets stuck in having fun too. Our personal favourite, is making anything from old packaging or clothing - teaching them to recycle whilst having fun!

Exploring with a healthy dose of vitamin D

Get them outside as much as they can whilst the weather is beautiful. This doesn’t just mean exercising, although long bike rides can be perfect too.


There’s plenty of ways to keep them outdoors like: 

Planting and looking after the garden - if this isn’t an option for your family, have a look online for lots of local communities that offer these types of options. There’s plenty out there in every area, especially for kids!

Plan scavenger hunts and have them searching outside for hours having plenty of fun!

Have a backyard campout and watch a movie in a tent or homemade fort. Plan a full evening of it and make s’mores and a bonfire if you’re able.

Set up a mini paddling pool and pop them into their Mini Me Reve De Rive swimwear sets, with lots of sunscreen. This alone will keep them entertained for hours!

Mind-strengthening activities:

Your kids won’t even realise they are keeping their brains sharp while engaging in these projects.

Create a mood board using items from around the house, tell them to combine all the images from old magazines etc.

Set up mini journals and everyday of summer they have to write what they’re grateful for that day. 

Spend the afternoon volunteering. Show them how to give back to the world from a young age. Let your kids pick an organisation they’d like to learn more about and make a plan to volunteer there (or get involved however you can) at least once a month through the summer. You’ll end up finding you want to do this as a regular thing year in, year out!

Whatever you all get up to this summer, make sure you all relax and don’t stress too much if they’re entertained. Children can easily have fun from simple little activities! Don’t forget to stock up on our ‘Mini Me’ range too so you can have the most adorable mummy and me moments all summer long! 

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