Trend report: Hang Loose

Trend report: Hang Loose

Wondering what to wear as the SS18 season draws to a close? Here’s our latest trend report – incorporating soft styles, organic colours and boho inspired embellishments guaranteed to help you achieve an easy breezy feel at home or on vacation.

 Fabulous fringe

 Fringed styles are right on-trend this season – think hippy vibes, Coachella festival feels and laid-back luxury. Fringes draw the eye instantly – adding interest but also deflecting attention from any areas you feel self-conscious about. We love the wide, extravagant ruffles of Ebony and the delicate frills of Mona.

 Deliciously dark and bright whites

 White is a classic colour for swimwear, Dark colours are always flattering – but this trend takes them to a new level, diversifying from black and grey to deep juicy plum, dark green and burnt orange. In contrast bright whites and pale cream hues stand out beautifully against freshly bronzed skin. 

Easy breezy, open styles

Skimpy string bikinis have their place – but this trend is all about open styles with larger swathes of fabric to catch the breeze beautifully and serve as day-to-night pieces that can easily be paired with harem pants or a floaty maxi-skirt. We love Mona – a long-line bikini top that works perfectly as a day-time and night-time look.

Organic tones and textures

Organic tones are all in this season – inspired by nature, warm and raw. This includes khaki, cream, turquoise and sunshine yellow. These colours are particularly flattering on any skin-tone and look even better as you get a warm, golden tan. Textures imitating crinkled leaves, fluffy clouds and soft petals complement perfectly.

Soft, comfortable fabrics

Once upon a time swimwear asked us to compromise – between comfort and style. Now things have changed – and innovative new-generation fabrics have revolutionised swimwear. We no longer have to put up with endlessly damp bottoms that never dry, string bikinis that cut in and rub as you sit in the sun and tops that never quite fit (and lack in support). At Reve de Rive we are continuously improving our ranges, using cutting-edge textiles for soft, wearable styles.



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