Accessories to match with bikinis!

   The best accessories to match with your Reve de Rive bikini are over here!
1. The trend of this season is a floating mat with the shapes of birds or animals. This Flamingo is among the most popular ones to have. However, it can also compete with swan and unicorn mats. It’s a great idea to buy this one for your complete look at the beach area.
  1. Another stylish accessory to have this summer is a unique colorful towel which would make you “shine” on the beach of a luxurious resort. Just a take a look of this two sweet ones!
  2. A fancy hat of different shapes and materials would match perfectly with various colors of our Reve de Rive collection. It will protect you from the sun and at the same time will make you look flawless!
  3. Beach bags are a useful accessory to your summer look on all occasions. There are helpful with carrying any things you want to take with you to the beach or pool (books, sun cream, phone, bikini, etc.)
  1. Sunglasses have always been a trendy addition to any beach look. Lighter sunglasses match with natural colors of bikinis and darker ones would look amazing with black, dark blue/green/purple ones. But this is not the rule, so you can play with that around!