Winter is finally coming to an end and spring brings us a sense of renewal. With new  blossoms everywhere and warmth in the air, we can begin to shed some heavy layers of  clothing, feeling one step lighter each time.  
As we start to put our bikinis back on and think of our next travel plans, we want to feel and look our best. We're here to help spark some tips and tricks to feeling a sense of  renewal within our bodies this month…  


We've all got beautiful body's but here's some tips to make it feel extra delightful:  
  • Use coconut oil if you're shaving, it's a great natural alternative to shaving cream and the  properties of coconut oil are bound to leave your skin glowing, smooth and very  moisturised.  
  • Ever had face cream products that just doesn't have the best result on your face? Instead  of wasting it and leaving it to one side, use it for your body. Your body has tougher skin  than your face, this means that it might just love that cream your face didn't! 
  • Thinking of your next tropical vacation and getting glammed up on the night time? We all  want that tropical glow too right? Mix your highlighter with an oil and apply all over, that  combined with than new tan - trust us, you'll feel spectacular!  
  • The same way you use a face roller to pick up your circulation, do the same with your  body. Invest in a body roller that helps to circulate your lymphatic system. You'll feel your ultimate best after this drains any water retention and gets your circulation moving. 


Of course one our biggest and quite possibly one of the most important parts to our bodies - our brains! Lets discuss some ways to get you into the mood to feeling great about yourself:  
  • We know everyone says it but it's true… get moving! Exercise truly does release  endorphins which help us feel better no matter how we are looking. If you're not looking  forward to it and there's generally a few days that might happen but if you find yourself  daily not looking forward to it, do different forms of exercise. There's something out there that you'll enjoy daily and want to keep doing, trust us! This routine will keep your mind  a happy one and you'll be feeling amazing in no time!  
  • Drink up, yes drinking plenty of water helps everything feel refreshed inside but also  switch it up with ginger for anti-inflammatory properties and Aloe Vera for hydration and  digestion. However, there's plenty out there that we can add to our water for additional properties than just hydration, such as lemon, cucumber & mint. Explore, think of what  you need most and drink it up!  

  • Write down your goals for the week, by offloading your plans and to-dos for the week  you'll free up the space to get them done. A organised mind helps us to truly feel good  and on track, enabling a big sense of clearing the cobwebs this month!  Instead of daily criticising what you want to improve about your body, tell yourself what  you think is great about it. Find the little things, enjoy them and practice gratitude for a  beautiful body.  
As the sun comes out and we start to put our swimwear back on, it's time to give our bodies  some much needed TLC. With our sustainable swimwear and these tips, you'll be stepping  into spring feeling renewed and looking your best. Don't forget to select either your one  piece or mix and match set on your way out, trust us - after these tips you'll be wanting to bare all! 
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