Sweet Escape with Rêve de Rive: We Chose the Most Remarkable Places for you to have fun this Summer

Wondering where to take your new Rêve de Rive bikini? We chose several beach lounges located around the world, which we think are the most suitable for our customers to continue their never-ending vacations.
Looking for luxury gastronomic as well as clubbing experiences ? Come to Mykonos, Greece. There is high competition between beach lounges in Greece, Nammos however attracts great numbers of customers with personalized and exclusive services as well as with famous guests such as Leonardo di Caprio and Mariah Carey.
10 Punto 7
Is situated on Formentera’s north coast, Spain. With it’s humble design, 10 Punto 7 may seem simple from the first glance. In reality, the club is attracting crowds of people that come drink  signature cocktails of watermelon with vodka, taste the unique menu of the Peruvian chef-Anuar Gonzales Fasabi and simply listen to a set of laid-back beats.
Carpe Diem Beach
You would need a boat to get to this Lounge-club located in Hvar town, Croatia. You will not have any regrets after visiting this sassy place; Carpe Diem Beach has been attracting crowds for almost 30 years! There, you get the ultimate experience while bronzing on cushions, playing beach sports and swimming in the sea.
Le Club 55
Visit St Tropez, France for unforgettable memories in a truly historical club. The concept of Le Club 55 was created back in 1955 1955, when Brigitte Bardot was filming And God Created Woman on Pampelonne beach. Two men originating from St Tropez decided they would daily set a Family- style lunches for the film crew members. Later this became a concept for a club on Pampelonne beach.