How to store your bikini

How to store your bikini

Buying the perfect bikini is important, keeping it perfect is crucial!

When you buy your Rêve de Rive bikini it’s a match made in swimsuit heaven! You need to take care of your swimsuits and treat them with care and detail. Here are our secrets on how to hang your bikini to ensure its perfection!


Always lay flat to dry

After rinsing your swimsuit never hang it up! This will definitely ruin the shape of your swimsuit and create deformations. In order to keep the shape and the fabric intact simply lay it on a flat clean surface and wait for it to dry!



Winter storage

If you’re storing your swimsuits for winter place them in a fabric garment bag. Avoid plastic bags and if possible vacuum seal the bag! This will protect your Rêve de Rive bikini from air and small circulating particles.


Summer ready

When it’s summer time and you’re in a rush to grab your bikini and get to your fabulous destination to tan and look good the last thing you want is a hassle. Keep your swimsuits in a plastic box. Under your bed is best!


Remember these few tips ladies and be sure that your bikinis will stay brand new! Our Rêve de Rive bikinis are eco-chic and made of premium material. Our bikinis are hand made and should be carefully taken care of in return!


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