Our Approach

Reducing our footprint

Rêve de Rive is emergent innovative tools to increase our understanding of our environmental footprint and to highlight its choices based on our sustainability strategy. Our brand sources fabrics that come from ecological ways, conserves bio diversity, and meets the best standards of health, safety and focuses on ways to make a cleaner ocean.

By promoting sustainable design, our promise to reduce environmental impact, from sourcing to our manufacturing, transportation and other activities.

Our commitment to reducing emissions in the world; We are working with suppliers who has proven they are helping to conserve the worlds most bio-diverse oceans while contributing to the local trade and employment of communities.

The brand will continue to promote new sustainable practices related to water consumption, water pollution and waste. We are committed to sourcing materials that continue to support our concept.


We have a firm belief in close collaboration with our future stakeholders to ensure economic, environmental, ethical and social performance. The brand is focused to preserve its heritage and promote diversity in our office culture. We aim to strengthen our investor backing in promoting sustainable luxury to ensure the comfort of its employees, suppliers and customers worldwide.


One of Rêve de Rive´s main goals are to preserve craftmanship and continuing traditional know-how. We encompass our growing heritage to our local communities, by offering training programs on craftmanship skills and traditions.



Diversity, equality and support women´s talents are priorities for Rêve de Rive. We target gender and salary equality across our company for all positions.

Our workplace spirit is to provide inspiring and caring work environments for all of our current and potential employees. We encourage our employees to realize their full potential and creativity.


One of our key sustainability aspects is 100% of our swimwear is made in Switzerland. Our atelier is equipped with the proper machines to fully function. We are driven to creating alternatives, driving change and influence. We are looking to partner up with schools and other sustainable programs to adopt ground breaking sustainable ideals and fostering new talents.