Hydration Nation

Hydration Nation

Did you know that your body is made up of 60% water? No wonder hydration is key to maintaining overall health.

In the heat of the summer, hydration is more important than ever. Whether you are taking in the sun on the beach or even driving to work, it becomes increasingly easy to become dehydrated in the heat.

A lack of water can cause many undesirable symptoms such as  dehydration, dry eyes and lips, headaches, and dry skin.

There are many ways to stay hydrated whether that be traditionally drinking water, snacking on fruits, or drinking juices. The benefits of staying hydrated are endless and should not be ignored. It is vital to your holistic health and we encourage it wholeheartedly.

Step 1: Water

Drinking water is the #1 way to stay hydrated. The recommended water intake per day is 8 cups, however, it varies based on your activity level and age.

One tip that makes a difference in how we feel in the morning is to drink two cups of ice water. This wakes you up and may help boost your metabolism. An easy way to drink more water is to try flavored water such as this Hint Peach Water.

Another thing that you can incorporate into your routine is to opt for a tea instead of your usual coffee. We love this Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea because it gives us energy without dehydrating us. Plus, each tea bag includes an inspirational quote on them which is sure to brighten your day. 


Step 2: Hydrating Snacks

Tired of drinking plain water all day? Well, lucky for you, you can stay hydrated by snacking on fruits that have a high water content!

These fruits include watermelon, grapefruit, cucumbers, and oranges. A fun way to incorporate fruit into your diet is to make a nice fruit salad. One of our favorites is this mint, watermelon, cucumber, and feta cheese salad. This is a delicious and refreshing option for the summer.

Fruits are a healthy snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Not only do fruits provide hydration, they also nourish your body with valuable nutrients and fiber. After a long day at the beach or at the pool, these particular fruits can be super refreshing and just what you need.

To spice up our fruit, we love adding some Tajin seasoning, which adds a lime and chile flavoring. 

Plenty of Skin Benefits... 

The secret to glowing, youthful, and plump skin? No, we are not talking about that new night cream from Sephora that you have had your eye on.

One of the biggest secrets to beautiful skin is to drink TONS of water. As much as skin care is important, what you are putting into your body should not be neglected. Keeping the inside of your body hydrated keeps your skin hydrated.

Water not only hydrates, but it also detoxes which helps keep your skin clear. After drinking eight cups of water regularly, many people notice a radiant glow. Your inner health shines through on the outside and hydration is no exception. 

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