Sustainability at its best: Shop with a clear conscience.

innovative, durable and timeless swimwear thread after thread.

Our promises? Delivering innovative, durable and timeless swimwear thread by thread, smile by smile.

Design, respect for the environment and determination are at the heart of the brand. The goal is to reconcile swimwear and sustainability and make our customers feel beautiful and useful.

Each piece is designed in Switzerland and crafted in France. Each hand sewn with Italian recycled materials, including printed fabrics, by fairy hands in our workshop.



As of December 2023, we have been officially certified by This certification guarantees we comply with the following: 

  • Safeguarding of the ecosystem
  • Protection of wild fauna and flora
  • Protection of soil and water resources
  • Prohibition of the use of dangerous substances
  • Responsible waste and energy management
  • Social responsibility of the whole chain
  • Legal compliance

Swimwear usage is more than just for the summer or beach getaways and this is why Rêve de Rive is creating a feeling of timelessness that exists in each of our designs; offering 46 various styles for different swimwear needs all year round. 


    Our focus is always on recycling and sustainability. Every step of our manufacturing and delivery processes is geared towards being as sustainable as possible, without any compromises. We ensure that our manufacturing process follows sustainable practices, minimising our environmental impact.


    All of our fabrics are carefully sourced in Italy, we make sure they are all made 100% recycled material/fabrics. And now you can access matching scrunchies made from the off cuts from your swimsuit, helping to cut down on any wastage.


    We strive to enhance our sustainability in all processes, ensuring that our garment bags are made from off cuts, packaging is recycled, and our goal is to reduce our co2 emissions from shipping.

You should feel you could grow with the brand. We have a style for every women's personality, body shape and of any age; Collections for all stages of a women's life.