It's Yacht Time !  As well as the time to wear your Reve de Rive bikini!

It's Yacht Time ! As well as the time to wear your Reve de Rive bikini!


Our splendid brand has a concept of a luxurious lifestyle not only near the pool or the beach, but on the yacht. There are plenty activities that could be done on your yacht journey. Want to look fancy and stylish during your vacation? Then it’s a great idea to look over our Reve de Rive collection for this summer.

                                                   Champagne Showers


A little party never killed nobody! That is right, champagne showers are one of the most fun activities to do on a yacht. And guess what, if you wear your Reve de Rive bikini during this time, your photos are going to look superb.

                                                    Jumping from the yacht

Another entertaining activity to do this summer with a group of friends is to jump from the edge of the yacht. Just look how fascinating the pictures are. Your new RdR bikini would fit perfectly to this activity!

                                         Water Sports are so much fun!


If you are lucky to have or to rent a big yacht where there is a space for water sports activities, then for sure it’s a huge bonus point to your sea journey. There are so many of them to do – snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, water polo, water skiing…

Hint: a good-looking bikini would give your sporty look more elegance!

                                                            Tanning on the yacht


This is the most relaxing and chill activity to do on a yacht. It helps to regenerate your body and give it a perfect tan; and of course to make amazing pictures for social media. Reve de Rive bikini would make your tanning experience even more satisfying ;)


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