Pack for a weekend travel !

Pack for a weekend travel !

Summer is almost over, but there are a few weekends left until autumn, so why not to go for a weekend travel?! If you decide to go, packing is one of the most important things to do before you start your vacation; as long as how you will feel during your short getaway will depend on your mood, look and great memories! So let’s get it started!

  Here are the “MUST HASVE” list to pack for your vacation.


Sunscreen and After Sun Cream


Those two products are essential to have on your vacation. You want your skin to look perfect? Then use them as a great protection and tan for your skin and look!



Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses as they will protect your eyes from sun (and wrinkles), and make your look even more stylish!

Reve de Rive Bikinis



An amazing opportunity to show your summer body is to pack your selection of RdR bikinis! Choose just one of them or take 3, and you will look fabulous on the beach!

Shorts and Cap


Those two beach essentials are always cool to have when packing to your weekend travel. They will never go out of fashion and will add to your look a special style.

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