Recreation of a specific look

Recreation of a specific look


Reve de Rive swimwear is always trying to be creative and unique with its style, so we always try to inspire people to match our bikinis with different clothes and accessories. Here you can find some ideas about recreating looks with our RdR models.

For example, on this picture you can see our Macona black model being matched with glittery shorts. Nevertheless, it is also possible to match our bikini with different shorts or beach skirts. With that look you will “shine” on a yacht near St Tropez, Dubai or Geneva!




Furthermore, on this two examples there are RdR suggested looks with top examples. The colors or the length can always be changed. It adds a specific charm to the style and also can make you warm !

And do not forget about the shoes! It is always great to have a beach style shoes like on the picture; as well, it can have different variations. Suggestion: try to stay with bright colors, so it would stay in the same color pallet with special RdR colors.


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