Rêve de Rive; History and Heritage

Rêve de Rive; History and Heritage

Rêve de Rive is a relatively young brand in the luxury industry, however, like a true luxury brand it has its own heritage and history.

Today, we would like to tell our readers where our brand came from, illustrate company and brand cultures and convey our values.

Every brand starts with a founder. In 2015, Lauren Amelia Bernacchio -Berteletti moves to Switzerland and pursues her dream of bikini wear by starting her very own luxury swimwear brand.

However, the story of how the brand was born and developed its concept and niche has more to it.

“Drawing inspiration from the legendary Saint Tropez lifestyle. As vacationers stroll down the beaches and buzz around beach clubs, our concept came to life.”

Rêve de Rive is a product of passionate interest in the swimwear industry as well as of the intention to bring the spirit of reform and innovation into it. The concept and consequently the niche of the brand were inspired by the summer lifestyles in South France, South Italy and the Hamptons, New York.

Rêve de Rive’s designer and tailors work to combine style and tradition in RdR must-haves of summer and breathe a fresh breeze into the encoded universe of the swimsuit.

Rêve de Rive brand follows its concept and mission, it designs bikinis for unique individuals who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

We create our swimsuits for people who are not only looking for convenience in their clothing, they are looking for luxury fashionable pieces which are going to convey their individuality and status.

We aspire to be the brand that defines what luxury swimwear is. For us luxury is not only quality and distinctiveness in everything; services and products, it is also the sustainability of the brand’s performance.


Our goal is to be the brand which would lead other brands in the whole swimwear industry by dictating the seasonal trends and being the example of the sustainable production.

As a luxury brand our clients are our biggest worth, therefore we position autonomy as one of the RdR’s most important value and concept. We are proud to be a brand who produces, positions, promotes, and distributes our products. Our autonomy enables us to have the full responsibility and therefore full control over the products and experiences our clients receive.

 As a Luxury brand, we make sure our clients receive only the best.

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