Rêve de Rive´s Packaging

Rêve de Rive´s Packaging

Rêve de Rive´s packaging holds a simple elegance in swimwear storage. We are passionate about what we call, ´the bikini life line´; this to our company means that we are certain with our savoir-faire techniques in our studio production, we hold confidence in our swimwear lasting for long time usage.

Jute is natural vegetable fibers  that holds low ecological, CO2 & water footprint. Our materials are Recycled polyamide with characteristics of Ultra-chlorine resistant, Sun creams and oils resistant, Muscle control, Shape retention, Excellent coverage, Soft & Two-way stretch. 

 For us luxury is not only quality and distinctiveness in everything; services and products, it is also the sustainability of the brand’s performance.  

Our packaging comes free with all online swimwear purchases & is available for boutiques to order.  Our jute sac has our logo embroidered and is styled as a mini backpack


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